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Frequent Questions

Can foreign citizens buy a property in France?
Yes, there are no restrictions.
How can I get relevant information about the local real estate market?
Via the internet and real estate websites you can get already a general idea on local property prices but you will also find out that there is a very big difference between the cheapest and the most expensive property offered.
Newspapers give you as well information on market prices and trends but they are written in French and usually not available abroad.
The best is you know exactly the area you want to buy in and you try to get the best deal in this area. If not…. location, location and location.
This is important everywhere you buy in the world. Depending on your lifestyle we can suggest you interesting areas to take a look at because we know the local market and prices. We know which areas have potential to go up in price and which ones already reached the top. We know also where you should not buy and why.
MLS listing services in France?
We have multi listing services in France and I have access to them. Here I find relevant information on the market, see what is actually available and for what price and for how much properties have been sold in the past and how long it has taken to sell.
I offer as well properties via this tool and I can offer my clients properties out of it.
Who helps me to find the right property?
You can find the right property on your own or via one or more real estate agencies. Depending on the type of property you want to buy and the location you usually chose your real estate agency. Please choose carefully because they are not all working serious.
I can help you as well to find the right property via the MLS, the connections I have, my arrangements with local developers and via privately offered properties. More information on this you find in MY MISSION.
The agency fee is always paid by the seller. When I act for you I will get paid by the seller. In case of a cooperation or purchase via MLS I get a part of the sellers agent commission.
How much does owning a property in France cost?
Some of the running costs are the taxes like the land tax and city tax. The other part depends if you own an apartment or individual villa.
For apartments you pay the building administration costs, building insurance, lift maintenance, common light, cleaning and maintenance of the common areas, pool maintenance, ….This can be between Euro 1,50 and Euro 3,50 per sqm of living space.
On top you pay the consumption of water, electricity, gaz, phone, property insurance, … If you own a villa you do not pay common charges and administration costs but on the end you have the same type of running fees to pay.
What taxes do I have to pay?
This is a very complex questions and depends if the property is personal used or rented.
If you use the property yourself you have to pay the land tax (taxe fonciere) and the city tax (taxe habitation). They are to pay each year. Is the property rented out the owner still has to pay the land tax, the city tax is paid by the tenant or occupier of the property.
On rental income you pay income tax, on the capital gain you make the capital gain tax and you inherits will have to pay inheritance tax as well.
There are many taxes to pay but with a good planning as well many possibilities to avoid paying too much. The notary or accountant can give you more information on this.
Who takes care of the property when I am not in France?
Depending on the property you need to have a caretaker, gardener or just a key keeper for your property. I offer some of these services or can arrange them for you. 
What are the costs of buying a property in France?
You have notary fees, stamp duties, purchase taxes, bank fees, …
Notary fees for new built properties are approx 2.5% of the purchase price
Notary fees for properties older than 5 years are approx 8% of the purchase price.
This is a general rule but there are some exceptions why it is important to confirm this before you decide to buy.
In these notary fees are the stamp duties and taxes included.
If you purchase with help of a loan you have to calculate approx 2% mortgage and legal fees, calculated on the amount of the loan.
The agency fees of approx 5% are paid by the seller. Exceptions are possible.
I can help you through the process of purchasing a property.
Why is France a good place to invest in real estate?
Info on the Côte d'Azur: The French Riviera with its 120 km of coastline is since over two centuries famous for the exceptional microclimate, which has greatly contributed to the worldwide good reputation. Residents on the Côte d'Azur enjoy almost 300 sunny days a year.
Its international stance has allowed the French Riviera to diversify its economy and to become home for many high-tech companies, whilst already enjoying world recognition as a tourist destination.
  • The Côte d' Azur is max 2 hours flight away from all the major European cities and connected to the entire world
  • The Alpes-Maritimes have more than 1 Mio inhabitants
  • 12% of the population is foreign, 57% of which is of European origin
  • Nice is the 5th largest city of France
  • 19 300 jobs in the information technology
  • 9 180 jobs in the life sciences and fine chemistry
  • 6 300 jobs in research and development
  • in total the Côte d' Azur welcomes a total of 37 000 students
  • more than 10 schools offer an international curriculum
  • 19 000 professionals in the healthcare
  • according to the report by the World Health Organisation provides France the best general healthcare of the 191 member states
  • 130 museums and monuments open to the public
  • 100 workshops and galleries
  • 500 cultural events a year
  • The airport from Nice is the 1st airport in France after Paris and one of the « top 100 » worldwide
  • 38 airlines are based on Nice international airport with direct services to 59 destinations in 22 countries throughout the world
  • Daily connections between Nice and New York
  • more than 20 foreign banks and financial institutions are represented on the Côte d' Azur, not to mention the financial place occupied by the Principality of Monaco
  • The Côte d' Azur has the highest concentration of Convention Centres in Europe
  • The Science Park of Sophia Antipolis has 30000 jobs in 1300 companies
Life style
  • 21 golf courses in total
  • 14 ski resorts about an hour from the coast
Who helps me to sell the property?
When you decide to sell your property you can sell on a private base or via a real estate agency.
If you like I can help you to sell your property. We will find together the best sales price, decide on the best marketing, take professional pictures and offer it on the multi listing system to leverage potential buyers.
We missed some important questions?
If yes please ask us to add them on our list or contact me by email or phone. I will be happy to answer your questions.
Please note that the information above is given to you without any guarantee. Laws and taxes can change why I recommend always talking to a notary, lawyer or accountant.

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